Vikinglotto lottery tickets

Ten prize levels and good odds have players from all over the world looking for ways to buy Vikinglotto tickets online. After all, you can only draw physical tickets in the few European countries that officially participate. The good news is that not only is it possible, but it's very easy and there are several valid ways to pay.

Where can I buy Viking Lotto tickets?

Ten official countries participate in Vikinglotto, and players from the rest of the world have the opportunity to participate through Players who live in one of the ten participating countries can find the official site.

Anyone residing outside of these countries is encouraged to use the licensed lottery website to purchase Vikinglotto tickets from abroad. This is safe and gives you the same rights as any local resident. Physical purchases can only be made from local retailers in 9 of the 10 participating countries.

How old can I buy lottery tickets in Vikinglotto country?

Unlike Euromillions, which has a minimum age for all participants, Vikinglotto has slightly different rules. In some countries, players can play Vikinglotto and other local lotteries from the age of 16, while for others, players must be at least 18 years old. Also, when playing online, your country's rules do not allow you to play Vikinglotto under 18, but they may require you to be older, if applicable.

How much can I win when I play Vikinglotto?

All prize levels and odds vary across the ten participating countries. If you play online, online, your minimum winnings should be an average of €5. But with jackpots starting at €3 million in any jurisdiction, you have the opportunity to win up to €35 million when you play at Vikinglotto.

How do I buy Vikinglotto tickets online?

Anyone who wants to buy Vikinglotto tickets and is wondering how to do so, then the easiest way is to think about playing online. It is a legal way to play from abroad, and it is also more efficient than visiting a local retailer for example. With just a few steps below, you can guarantee a few tickets for the next drawing.

5 steps to buy from recommended lottery sites

  • Go to our lottery website menu page and choose the lottery website that best suits your needs. Compare prices, payment methods, and available bonuses.
  • Register your account on the site of your choice in less than a minute and secure it completely with SSL encryption. Find the Vikinglotto game page.
  • You'll get a complete and legitimate game table with six numbers from 1 to 48 and an extra number called Vikinglotto number, from 1 to 8. Make this selection for each line of Vikinglotto tickets you want to purchase.
  • Now that you're all set, consider purchasing a subscription and review the lottery offers before finalizing the deal. Proceed to checkout when you're ready.
  • Pay using your favorite payment method. Your tickets will be available in your account, which you can view through Vikinglotto Results.

Official Site

Each of the ten participating countries has an official website for purchasing Vikinglotto tickets. Of course, they are limited to residents or visitors, and there are no discounted packages such as the sites we recommend.

Mobile app

While all of the recommended sites are fully compatible with mobile devices, you may also prefer to play through the lottery app. This option is listed in each review, and there may be apps for Android and iOS devices. The rest of the process is similar to that described for regular websites.

What to do with the money earned on Vikinglotto?

Each country has a different income distribution, but they all contribute €0.11 to fund the first prize and €0.018 for the second prize. In addition, €0.042 goes into the bonus fund, which guarantees the minimum jackpot payout. The rest of the money is used at each country's discretion, but most donate a portion of the profits to good causes. Any unclaimed prize will be considered awarded to the participating country, which in turn will apply the aforementioned income.

How are Vikinglotto bonuses paid out?

Annuities are not offered as a jackpot option at Vikinglotto. All prizes at this casino are paid out in a lump sum. Although jackpots are available and played online in all participating countries, taxes vary from country to country. Many countries do not withhold taxes on winnings from this casino.

How do I get my prize?

Each of Vikinglotto's countries has different rules for receiving prizes. If you play at a local store, small prizes can be collected there with the ticket in your hands. Larger prizes, on the other hand, require you to pick them up in person. This applies to playing online on official local websites or through recommended websites.