The most popular lotteries in Russia and abroad

The most popular lotteries in Russia and abroad

Currently, the classic lottery remains a sought-after easy and safe game of chance. The genre is so popular that it is easy to get lost in it without knowing the intricacies of lottery promotions in Russia and the world. LoginCasino, an online publication that specialises in reviewing the online gaming ( and gambling industry, has recently presented its top 10 lotteries in Russia and other countries.

1) La Primiva was founded in Spain, and the name with which today's company participates in the market was created back in 1763. The customer's biggest jackpot was four and a half million euros, dating back to 2009. To win you need to guess the correct combination of 6 numbers and there are a total of 49 numbers given per ticket.

2) Megabucks is the most popular lottery game in the United States. Statistics show that one in fifty people win when they participate in the lottery. The lottery takes place three times a week. However, it is known that 40% of the prize money goes to the federal government and even more to foreigners.

3) Mega Millions is the most stable of the American lotteries. It is worth noting that the company's top jackpot for 2012 was a whopping $656 million, which requires a combination of five numbers (50 total) to win.

4) Powerball - a net jackpot of $590 million of uk paypal casino.

5) In Russia, the popular lottery game Bingo is at the top of the list. Of course, operator Stoloto has a hard time competing with the American payout, but customers often win prizes. What's more, real estate and vehicles can be raffled off. The campaign jackpot is thirty million roubles. All twenty-four numbers must be guessed in order to win.

6) Sportlotto is one of the oldest and most popular lottery campaigns; the first started back with the founding of the USSR. The jackpot will be up to ten million roubles and you need to guess ten out of ten numbers.

7) The RZD lottery has a maximum winnings limit of up to 12 million roubles and the proceeds from the sale of lottery tickets are donated to charity. Customers and passengers are encouraged to participate directly while travelling.

8) Golden Key has been in existence since 1997, previously only raffling real estate: now all kinds of prizes, including money. The game has several stages, and there is also a chance to win real estate in the Russian capital in a bonus round with a golden ball.

9) Russian Lotto - no words. The jackpot reaches up to 29 million roubles.

10) Gosloto is key to the list; it's the biggest lottery game in the Russian Federation: a legal alternative to gambling from the government. The biggest jackpot win, mind you, was sixty million roubles in 2013!