The disappearing illusionist (2015). Description

An exciting film The disappearing illusionist 2015 watch online for free tells about the famous Dirka Ome, who helps all the residents of the town find a young girl, which never returned home at the indicated time. A man is an illusionist who specially arrived in this city for a performance that convened several dozen people. The main part of the town was worried about the loss of a beautiful girl, so they were looking for her everywhere wherever possible. One of the spectators of the show shows the illusionist a photograph of Maria and talks about her how she used to live in their town. Dirk decides to help in rescue operations, so with the help of his skills he enters a trance and tries to find a girl. In addition, he decides to spend the night at a local hotel one night, and only after that go to further settlements to show his performances. However, at night he begins to reflect on the fact that the missing Maria his girlfriend and how exactly he will behave with her. After that, a man has only one question - how can you understand where there is an illusion and a real real life. After all, he was so carried away by magic that sometimes he does not even notice anything in his way. <br />
Over time, the searches of the girl are moving, and the guy falls in love with the image of Mary by the ears. He provides assistance to a rescue operation to save and get acquainted with her in real time. And he will be able to do this or not, you can only find out if a person watches the movie A disappearing illusionist 2015 at home or in other places where the Internet works. <br /> Нужны частные услуги проституток? Ищи тут: Отборные шалавы любых форм: от стройняшек до полненьких.